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We are group of tennis enthusiasts with different backgrounds and skills who love the game of tennis. During the years of playing the game, we have realized something that is common for all of us: challenging our personal abilities and the process of improvement is what brings us back to the tennis courts every time.

Becoming a good player is a complex and long process, and it takes more than willpower to improve your game. Having access to tennis courts and teaching professionals is important for our development as players, but these are only two major things on the way to a better game. You need to play in matches against others who are better than you in order to truly test your skills and discover your weaknesses.

However, in the real world, it’s usually easier said than done. Why it is so hard to find someone better to come and play with you? The answer to this question is very simple and human: it is just not challenging enough for most people to play below their skill level! Tennis is time consuming and expensive, and few players will come out to invest their free time and money to help someone who is not even a friend. Simply put, there is not enough motivation for the higher level player to come out and share skills, knowledge, and time to play and help the other players to improve. And the higher your skill level goes over time, the harder it gets to find players to play with and to learn from.

The Disadvantages of Leagues
Playing in leagues gives you some competition and enjoyment that social tennis can’t provide. We respect all the league players and organizers around the world who are dedicated to the sport as we are. However, here are some of the disadvantages in league-structured tennis:

•           Grouping the players by skills. This automatically puts you in position to play someone like you, which in turn raises the questions: “How am I getting better by playing someone at my level? How long do I have to stay on this level before getting a chance to play with someone that I can learn and benefit from? How long it is going to take and how many seasons do I have to pay tuition and fees before being moved up where the better players are?” We have seen players getting stuck on the same levels for years. Playing in your league at your level for numerous seasons or winning a USTA tournament at your level doesn't necessarily make you a better player!

•           Inconvenience. Do you have to travel to play your matches instead of bringing the game to your courts, at your convenience?  Is it worth it to pay tournament fees and be told when and where to play instead of having a competitive match with someone who will push you toward a better game on your home court?

•           How healthy are you going to be a couple of years from today to get to the point when the league rules, rankings and hurdles don’t block your chances to play with the better players?  Are you going to play someone really good at all?  Are you improving or just getting up a sweat and working out?  Did you get better at the end of your last season?  Do you need to improve?

Most of us don’t think of all these questions when we pay a tournament entry fee or season fees to play tennis matches in leagues. And there was no other alternative except hiring a tennis professional and getting lessons to improve your game…until now. Become a better player and gain satisfaction from the game.

This is what all of us want -- and this is how the Tennis Care Company was born!



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