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FAQs For Players


8. Your Tennis Care Pro had to stop the match because he/she was injured or didn't feel good. Should I receive a refund or credit towards another match?
If this was a Challenge Match, then a refund cannot be issued; you should reschedule and play another player on the same level to proceed with your skills verification. You will receive a credit for a full match not a no-show fee and will have to book another match on the same level. Tennis Care is currently working on "reschedule a match” option where refunds can be avoided and postponing matches for different reasons like weather conditions will be possible.

If this was a regular match session between a Pro and a Player, you will get a full refund after we receive an email at from you or the Pro describing the situation.

9. I’m a just a beginner. I’m worried that when I play with your Tennis Care Pro, I’m going to just get soundly defeated and it’ll be discouraging. What should I do?
Our Tennis Care Pros are carefully instructed to provide you with a challenge that is appropriate to your skill level. No matter how highly skilled they are, they should play only slightly better than you in order to provide you with the correct level of challenge. Also, the Pro should be encouraging, respectful and helpful at all times. If this is not the case, please contact us at to tell us about your experience. Also remember that you have booked your match for two hours, and the Tennis Care Pro is required to play with you for the full two hours. Even if three sets have finished sooner; it is not in the Pro’s best interest to defeat you quickly.







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