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Our Philosophy


We believe that playing with more experienced players helps you to become a better player. Tennis is a skill, and there is nothing better than playing above your skill level to improve. We don't just teach tennis, we provide additional ways for you to learn through other players experiences. 

Playing a practice match with a purpose -- to find weaknesses in your game -- is the most important and effective step to a better game.  This is how champions are created: by playing better tennis on every phase of our development as players.
We recommend tennis lessons only if you play matches before and after the lessons. Taking lessons without playing matches is like going to school without having your homework done. In a match with a Tennis Care Pro, you will discover what parts of your game need to be fixed or if the new elements you are trying to learn are effective in a real match mode.  Don’t take lessons before you have practiced in a real match setting what was shown to you during prior lessons.

Make sure that you ask our players to detect errors in your game during or after your match so you know what needs to be corrected or has been corrected.  Working on these error corrections will give you the tools to win easy at your current level and improve fast!

Finally, enjoy the challenge that our Tennis Care Pros provide. And while you’re having fun, you’ll also see how playing tennis with purpose will bring your game to the next level.


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